Is everyone Intuitive? Am I?

Yes, everyone has intuition and everyone has different gifts of intuition.
An intuitive class is one way to develop these gifts.


Look at our CALENDAR and come and join one of our classes and see how we can help you develop your gift

What classes do I start with?

Usually the first series of classes are the different types of meditation.


Look at our CALENDAR and join one of our meditation classes

When I have a psychic/intuitive reading, what will it tell me?

An intuitive reading can work on your family and personal relationships, your finances today and in the future, your health.

Call our office and speak to Heidi or Marsha and they can help you understand. 704-896-3111 today

Does the study of metaphysics/spirituality interfere with my religious beliefs?

All religions are honored at The Nook. Each individual is encourage to follow their beliefs and their heart.

Would you like more information - feel free to EMAIL us

How does a Clearing The Grid© work?

“Grid” is electrical energy attached to an emotional chain of events. We help you release that energy. 


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How long does it take to discover what my ’gifts’ are?

How long do I have to study to become good? This is a lifetime study!

Come and visit one of our classes and see how you can discover your gifts. Here is our CALENDAR

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