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The Nook

Kent-Cook Institute

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Classes and events calendar:

   "Evolving and Developing Intuition!"




Our Services

Psychic Readings:   (by appointment only)


$150  -  1 hour

$125  -  30 minutes


$125  -  75 minutes


$125  -  per session


$125  -  1 hour


$100  -  30 minutes

Please contact The Nook with questions or for details

(704) 896-3111

Spiritual Counseling - Clearing the Grid:   (by appointment only)

Counseling and Hypnotherapy:  (by appointment only)

Spiritual Healing:  (by appointment only)

Palmistry Reading:  (by appointment only)


Contact The Nook at (704) 896-3111 for Practitioners.

Prices beginning at $300

Spiritual Clearing of Sacred Area, Home and Work Spaces:


Entertain your friends with a touch of mystery, revelation and surprise.  Fun and fascinating!  Your most pressing questions answered.


Access your Inner Wisdom through insight guided by Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Numerology, Spirit Guides/Loved Ones and Word Wizardry!


Interpreted by Certified Medium Heidi E. Kent, M.A. and Intuitive Rev. Dr. Marsha G. Cook who Inspire, Awaken and Enlighten!


8-10 people - Private Sessions for all your guests.  Each person receives a unique reading. Individual Readings are 15 minutes per person so that we can serve each person in attendance.


Additional hours as well as psychics can be added. Please see our rates for ‘extras'. We request you set aside a private reading room(s) for the psychic(s) in order to best serve your needs.


Psychic Party Rates are as follows:


  • $450.00 for 2 hours (8 people)

  • $150.00 for each additional hour and/or reader (up to 3 hours)

  • For distances more than 20 miles from Davidson there is a $50 travel fee

  • 50% deposit required at the time of the reservation, remaining monies will be collected from the host/hostess at the conclusion of the party.



To schedule your party call (704) 896-3111 or contact us here.

Psychic Parties  (Private and Corporate Events)