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"Are you looking for a career in Metaphysics?"


About me

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  Once upon a time there was a little space in a tiny town attached to a school of dance where the parking lot was filed with Daddies, Mommies and little girls in tutus. In this space of less than 300 square feet, two women conceived the idea of having a monthly discussion group to introduce new ideas and outside-the-box thinking. They called it “The Nook”!


  Within a short time, one of the ladies moved away and in her wake substituted a new member who came with a strong mystical background. The two new partners, Heidi and Marsha, formed a whole new entity called “The Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook”! From that first tiny space, the girls (Marsha and Heidi) graduated to adding a new and huge classroom for the many Institute classes. After another year had gone by, they added The Nook, A Healing Place, for readings, Reiki, Massage and Holistic Counseling. Today The Nook, A Healing Place also hosts a Traditional Usui Reiki Training program which certifies all levels of Reiki from Level One to Master Level and now The Nook, which had begun as a tiny space has grown to occupy a full half of the building they are in, with the dance studio still gracing the parking lot with wee-ones in tutus!


  As The Nook grew in dimensions (no pun intended), the programs grew from a monthly discussion group to an Accredited School of Metaphysics, Mysticism and Spiritual Healing offering Two Year Diploma programs as well as short term certification programs. Willing to impart their great success these two old crones are sharing their formula by creating and hosting a week-long seminar which they have titled “Nuts and Bolts”.  Here they will share with you the nitty-gritty of operating a thriving, rewarding Holistic Business!

Within this wonderful and amazing growing process, this year The Nook will debut their live streaming online classes! Online you say with great shock - Marsha and Heidi you ask? Yes! No doubt about it! Like we said, we are growing in many dimensions!

Somewhere along the way, the girls created The NookSter Society! This unique concept brought to the public the ability to pay one monthly fee for the opportunity of attending unlimited classes. More bang for the buck!


  The Institute is working to put together an online Mediumship certification program you would be able to accomplish and complete at your convenience. All of this has been done in the last five years. The Nook will celebrate its fifth birthday in October.


  Keep a lookout for these zippy girls as they continue moving on to new projects and creative efforts and exciting endeavors for you!

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