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The Nook

Kent-Cook Institute

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   "Evolving and Developing Intuition!"




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The Institute

Once upon a time there was a little space attached to a school of dance where the parking lot was filled with Daddies, Mommies and little girls in tutus in the growing Lake Norman town of Cornelius. . In this space of less than 300 square feet, Heidi and Marsha conceived the idea of having a monthly discussion group to introduce new ideas and outside-the-box thinking about meditation, personal development and various schools of philosophy. They called it “The Nook”!


The two partners soon thereafter in 2009 formed a new entity called “The Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook”! From that first tiny space, The Nook added more space including a new, large classroom to accommodate the generated interest about meditation, etc. through the variety of Institute classes. The Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook had outgrown the Cornelius facility and moved to a beautiful lake front facility in Davidson, NC. Since the inception of The Kent-Cook Institute, classes have evolved into programs offering individuals mind development, healing, nurturing family and care-givers which includes nutrition and healthy eating; various and assorted meditations; classes to develop mental abilities, synchronicity; hypnotherapy and a strong program of integrated spiritual counseling.


The Nook has 'lived' at the lake for over a year. Every day we view the quaint marina, the beautiful lake, and our very own charming neighborhood, The Harbor Club Restuarant, The Cottage and The Cabin from our bewitching Goddess lucky we all feel!