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By Kent Cook Institute, Nov 16 2015 06:39PM

Please visit our Nook Page on YouTube which is the Nook - Kent Cook Institute for a peek at the very first mini video called The Nook Nano Minute. You can find it at:

Nook Nano Minutes are brief demo's that provide you with a look into the Spiritual World!

This one demonstrates how a medium gives a message!

By Kent Cook Institute, Nov 12 2015 03:06PM

When asked by a co-worker for aid in the health of a furry companion, our deeply spiritual Beginner Shamanism leader at The Nook “Salem Wolf Heart” went right to work. The companion is a little white dog named Jack who suffered from congestive heart failure. The first request was to provide an essential oil that would help Jack. Salem suggested Shamanic Reiki in addition to the oils. Permission was granted. Salem performed several ‘long distant’ treatments and ‘spoke’ with Jack as well. The report is that he is now feeling much better. Salem’s response, “Yea for Reiki and Yea for Sweet Jack!” Salem Wolf Heart is a very important spoke in the wheel that comprises The Nook. She is available to aid in the healing of both human and furry friends. Please contact The Nook (704.896.3111) for more information regarding Reiki Energy Healing, The Reiki training program at The Kent-Cook Institute at The Nook and for contact information for our Reiki Practitioners.

Take a peek below at Jack!

By Kent Cook Institute, Nov 2 2015 06:08PM

Reiki is a healing technique using universal life force energy. A fun filled weekend was had by all in the Halloween weekend Reiki 1 class at The Kent-cook Institute at The Nook. Students learned about Dr. Usui, Mrs. Takata, chakras, hand positions, chair Reiki and using healing tables. They also learned about grounding, centering, protection, and then we practiced, practiced, practiced. Students and teachers alike cannot wait until Nov 21-22, 2015 for the upcoming Reiki 2 training class where they will learn about symbols, distant healing, and healing in the past, present, and future!

Take look at those smiles!

By Kent Cook Institute, Nov 2 2015 04:48PM

On Saturday, October 31 The Nook hosted a Thinning of The Veils Message event. What an event it was! There was laughter, messages from Spirit, costumes - including Marie Antoinette and The Thin Man! The Nook was packed wall to wall with celebrants and all corners, ceilings and floorspace was chock full of Spirits!

Today the Veils are thickening again. It is still a great time to meditate! By November 15 the Veils will be back to their normal thickness.

By Kent Cook Institute, Oct 26 2015 01:00PM

On Friday, October 23, we completed the week long Nuts and Bolts Seminar, Training YOU how to design and operate a holistic/metaphysical business! In this intense seminar we covered such topics as Creating a School or BusinessCalendar;Quick Books/ Profit and Loss Statements; Advertising and so very much more! On the very first day, we focused each brave and hardy soul on exercises to help them define their vision. Some of the visions, just to name a few included a bed and breakfast with dinner by appointment - this meant spear fishing for your dinner; an organic hair salon encompassing a tea service; and pets and people partners sharing organic/healthy snacks and relaxation time in a homey environment! And this was just the morning of Day 1!

What a wonderful experience for all. Marsha and Heidi are so grateful that we were able to share our accumulated experiences with this wonderful group of people. We sincerely thank each brave and hardy soul!

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