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The Nook - Life at Lake Norman

By Kent Cook Institute, Jan 19 2016 04:31PM

Marsha and Heidi of The Nook are pleased to report that the new Nook located directly on beautiful Lake Norman is alive and well and thriving. We are up and running! Our extraordinary classes are proceeding as usual with a healthy sprinkling of wonderful guest teachers, as well as our interesting short-term certification programs which are bustling right along. You might wonder, what did moving to the lake do for The Nook. We shifted the NookStore merchandise toward a more mystical, divine boutique with such items as giant crystal balls, ancient fossils with primordial energies and still, we have incense, candles, tarot card and medicine card decks. The move allowed us to create a meditation space, open to all seekers. With the lake population, we are in the process of creating The Council of The Star Wise Mediums, a group of highly trained mediums in many of the separate disciplines of metaphysics. These talented people will be available weekly for life readings and spiritual healing. What The Nook did not change is our spiritual community. It has remained a cozy, intimate gathering spot for like-minded seekers and those who are serious, metaphysical students.

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