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Testimonials for The Nuts and Bolts Training Week Are Coming In!

By Kent Cook Institute, Nov 17 2015 08:11PM

It is important as business owners that we all understand having a metaphysical/spiritual/holistic business is different that owning a 'regular' business. That is why we designed and implemented The Nuts and Bolts of Owning a Thriving, Rewarding Holistic Buisness Training Seminar. Recently The Nook hosted a the one week seminar. The attendees were a diverse group, some coming in from as far as Texas and Indiana! Here is a look at the comments they are sharing with The Nook:

Your Nuts and Bolts seminar was an amazing experience! We loved the planning sessions, they really helped us to be on the same page and as we worked our way through the week, we beagn to plan together rather than separately as had been the case. The total experience was insightful, helpful and beyond wonderful. Now we know what to look for thanks to you.

C & S Smith

The information you shared within the Nuts and Bolts week long seminar was a benefit to me in that it provided insight and motivation that will help in my current business. The brainstorming sessions were great. I realized that some of the dreams I had thought to be gone were still there waiting to be developed. Overall I was impressed with the quality of information shared and was glad to be a part of the training.


This workshop exceeded my expectations! It was professionally presented and very informative. The information shared was invaluable. I highly recommend this class for anyone opening a small business.

L. M.

This was an amazing experience. Very well thought out, planned and executed. I was honored to have been a part of The Nuts and Bolts Training week.


Call The Nook if you are interested in attending a Nuts and Bolts training!

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